Some Ways Flexible Packaging Could Benefit Your Business

In an age where efficiency has become a guiding situs slot online principle for every enterprise, saving time, money and energy has never been more important for financial decision-makers. Taking a conscious and robust approach to product packaging and delivery is one way to combat this issue in your enterprise.

From reduced space wastage to lowered transport emissions, the benefits of flexible packaging are endless. To help you on your way, we’re drawing on the expertise of the packaging manufacturers from Kendon packaging, who will share their comprehensive guide to the advantages of opting for versatile packaging solutions.

Get more in one space
Choosing flexible packaging will give you the freedom to optimise your packaging space, as extra packing materials could lead to additional weight and space being taken up. Not only will this reduce costs, but also lower the impact of waste packaging material on the environment.

By rethinking your packaging strategy and using custom-sized boxes, for instance, you have the potential to pack more products using fewer materials that will bolster efficiency across the entire process. When paired with a robust inventory management system to further improve the efficiency of product order processes and stock management, flexible packaging solutions can save your business money and reduce its environmental footprint.

Lower transport emissions
Packaging accounts for approximately 5% of the energy used in the life cycle of a product, therefore a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. By looking for ways to reduce the weight and volume of your packaging, you can lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with the packaging industry, while still preserving the features of your product.

Optimising the space packaging consumes in transport is one way to ensure your company is doing their bit for the planet – less wasted space means more efficient shipping methods.

Using recycled materials in the production of your packaging and facilitating subsequent recycling means that after becoming waste, they can be transformed into another resource. This not only works at reducing your carbon footprint – but also bolsters your business’ efforts to further the implementation of a circular economy within the packaging industry, too.

With some small changes to packaging and transportation, it’s easy to strengthen your company’s commitment to environmental care and improvement to support the fight against climate change through leaner, more cost-efficient packaging operations.